Turkey’s interior ministry: 986 persons detained in past week

Turkey Interior Ministry

A statement on the web site of Turkey’s Ministry of the Interior said that 986 persons were detained while 84 persons were arrested past week.

Between 23-30 January, 625 were detained and 42 arrested for connections to the Gulenist movement and so-called “paralell state structures”; 328 were detained and 4 arrested “within the scope of the fight against separatist terror organization”; 26 were detained and 1 arrested for connections to IS; seven were detained for having connections to left organisations.

The statement also said security forces conducted 202 operations. Four persons labelled as terrorists were reported to have been “neutralised” during the operations.
2,286 “irregular immigrants” were caught; 38 persons were detained and 13 arrested for having helped “irregular immigrants” enter or exit the country.

986 arrests past week, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior reported.