Turkey’s ministry of youth produces list of ‘Islamophobic’ computer games

The floor the guitar playing and singing character is standing on in Guitar Hero 3 has the name of 'Allah' in Arabic script on it (Screenshot: Turkey's Ministry of Youth and Sports)

Turkey’s Ministry of Youth and Sports has produced a list of 19 computer games it found to be ‘Islamophobic’.

The ministry put a number of internationally manufactured computer games under scrutiny in September last year. The study resulted in a booklet intended to inform gamers and parents about Islamophobia in computer games. A web site, available also in English, has been launched and people are encouraged to report games by sending screen shots of Islamophobic content.

According to Turkiye daily newspaper, 750 reports have been filed in the past 5 months while the site has 5,000 unique visitors per day.

The list of Islamophobic games includes, among the more famous games, Guitar Hero 3, in which the floor the guitar playing and singing character is standing on allegedly has ‘Allah’ written on it in Arabic script; Resident Evil 5 in which Islam’s holy book, the Quran, is the only book to be lying on the floor in a library and Call of Duty 2 in which minarets are bombed by airstrikes.

The web site defines Islamophobia as “the ‘fear of Islam’ rooted in prejudice and discrimination against Muslims and the religion of Islam. Therefore, Islamophobia means bearing a grudge, hatred or hostility against Muslims, not trusting and suspecting Muslims, and fear of Islam.”