Turkey’s opposition CHP demands annulment of referendum

Bulent Tezcan, deputy chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP).

Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP  has called for the annulment of the results of Sunday’s referendum.

CHP deputy chairman Bulent Tezcan slammed the decision by the High Electoral Board (YSK) to accept unstamped ballots as valid saying, “Everyone knows that the ‘no’ side won. After pressure and threats couldn’t produce the desired results, the YSK took action. This election is an election without stamps and has no legitimacy,” he said referring to the the last-minute decision by the YSK to use the unsealed ballots.

“Packages were stolen, externally manufactured votes were used. Unstamped ballots were used. Despite these attempts, the desired results weren’t reached so the YSK took action. At this point, no one knows how many unstamped ballots were used. The only right thing to do is the annulment of the election,” Tezcan said.