Turkish crime boss threatens Europe in new video

Sedat Peker

Notorious crime-boss Sedat Peker, a staunch supporter of the government who is actively particpating in the yes campaign in the upcoming constitutional referendum, has threatened the European Union in a recent video.

“Some countries are preventing Turkey’s president and ministers from participating in the yes campaign in Europe and these countries instead allow and fund the no campaign’s rallies organised by various terrorist organisations and foreign intelligence groups,” Peker said in a self-produced video.

Two separate talks by Turkish ministers Bekir Bozdag and Nihat Zeybekci in Germany had been cancelled by local German officials last week with Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s meeting and hotel room both being cancelled by German officials today.

Peker also accused “treacherous foundations and journalists” in the no campaign of spreading fear of a new Gezi rebellion if ‘yes’ won on 16 April, the date of the referendum.

“Our young generations who have learned to look at life without fear and not to fear death will, when the day comes, show their capabilities of deeds much worse than Gezi all over Europe,” Peker threatened, indirectly calling upon Turkish youngsters in Europe to rebel against European states.

Sedat Peker, appeared in court last year for threatening academics who had called for an end to the conflict between the Turkish military and Kurdish PKK militants. Peker had said, “We will shed your blood in streams and take a shower in your blood…” but he was acquitted by the courts.