Turkish foreign ministry summons acting Russian ambassador, complains about YPG

Turkey’s foreign ministry has summoned Russia’s acting ambassador after yesterday’s clashes between the Kurdish YPG and the Turkish army on the Syrian border near Afrin to “express its displeasure and warn that Turkey will retaliate in kind if attacks continued”. 

A Turkish soldier stationed in the border town of Reyhanli had been killed by “sniper fire from territory held by the YPG in Syria”, the Turkish Armed Forces had announced yesterday.

Reyhanli is adjacent to the Kurdish-controlled Afrin canton of northern Syria where an agreement between the Kurdish YPG and the Russian army saw Russian soldiers positioning themselves in the city of Afrin.

A YPG statement said that clashes broke out after Turkish artillery fire had targeted villages in the canton of Afrin and that YPG fighters had “acted in self-defence”.

Syrian-Kurdish agency ANHA had been reporting that the Turkish army had been shelling villages in the Afrin canton since Tuesday night, intensifying the bombardment on Wednesday morning.