‘Turkish intelligence chief met with Barzani, discussed PKK’

The head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation Hakan Fidan was in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to meet with the region’s President Masoud Barzani in the city of Duhoq between 14-15 March, according to local news agency Roj News.

The agency, which bases its story on ‘inside sources’, reported that Fidan met with both Masoud Barzani, who is also the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (and Deputy Leader of the KDP) Nechervan Barzani during his visit.

The same sources said that the KDP’s relations with Turkey and a joint plan against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were among the points discussed in the meetings.

PKK Commander Cemil Bayik had recently criticised Barzani and his relationship with the Turkish government for “not serving the interests of the Kurdish people,” adding that the clashes in Shingal between Peshmerga forces and the Yazidi Shingla Resistance Units was planned in Barzani’s recent trip to Ankara.

After the meetings, Hakan Fidan visited Peshmerga forces in Shingal and Turkish soldiers based in a camp in the Kurdistan region.