Turkish man claims he is Adele’s father

Mehmet Asar claims he is English singer-songwriter Adele's biological father.

A Turkish man has claimed he is the father of English singer-songwriter Adele.

52 year-old Mehmet Asar told Turkish news agency DHA he had met Adele’s mother Penny Adkins while she was holidaying in Turkish resort Bodrum in July 1987 and that they had become lovers.

“I showed her mother and her mother’s friends around Bodrum and Pamukkale. She introduced herself as a nurse. We liked each each other and were together for two weeks. She extended her holiday and stayed a month. She returned twice and stayed another month. She wanted to take me with her when she was leaving, but I wanted to live in Bodrum and I asked her to stay. But she went back to England. We spoke several times on the phone. At that time talking over the phone was difficult and expensive. Then we lost contact. The dates we were together with her mother and Adele’s date of birth match.”

Asar, an accomplished musician and singer himself, said he had become aware of Adele following her Grammy success in 2014 and had been shocked to find out that he could be her father.

“When I found out Adele’s mother was the woman I had loved, I was shocked. She hadn’t changed at all,” Asar said, adding that the singer’s chin, eyes, face structure and hair matched his.

“I noticed that when she lifts her right hand up, her third and fourth fingers are conjoined. I was even more surprised at this, because mine are exactly the same. Also her intonation is very similar to mine, which could be genetic,” Asar added.

Asar’s claim is strengthened by an interview Adele gave in 2015 where she said she had Turkish roots. In the interview with Dutch TV the singer did not elaborate on what she had meant. Adele was accused of plagiarising the song ‘Acilara Tutunmak’ by Ahmet Kaya, a Kurdish singer from Turkey, in her 2016 track ‘Million Years Ago’. Kaya’s estate welcomed the striking resemblance between the two songs and chose not to take legal action.

Adele reportedly reconciled with her father Marc Evans in 2015, who had left the family home when Adele was 2 and had not seen his daughter since.

Asar told DHA he was making the claim because he wanted Adele to know the truth and invited her to visit him in Bodrum. “I am ready to take a DNA test,” he said.