Turkish security forces siege Kurdish villages, 3 reported killed

The charred corpse of one of the people killed in Nusaybin's Korukoy village by Turkish security forces, 17 February 2017

Kurdish news agencies have reported the siege of nine villages in Kurdish-majority southeastern Mardin’s Omerli, Nusaybin and Artuklu districts. Curfews declared in eight of the nine villages on 11 February were lifted a day later, however the siege continued.

No news has been received since last night from the residents of Nusaybin’s Korukoy village, where clashes have been reported.

According to Kurdish media outlets three people were killed in Korukoy where soldiers have also burned down several houses.

Photos of the three people, one of them charred to death and the other two riddled with bullets were shared on social media site Twitter with the allegation that they were civilians and not Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, a claim put forward by Turkish officials and media.

A video showing houses burning has emerged on social media.

Speaking to Firat News Agency, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Mardin provincial co-chair Ali Aslan stated, “the right to life of thousands of villagers is being violated. Their security is at great risk.”

“Many people have been detained and they are being tortured. We have received no news from this village [Korukoy] since yesterday evening. Our contact with the villagers is lost and we are seriously concerned over their security of life. A massacre might have been perpetrated even.”

Turkey’s state agency AA has reported the death of two PKK militants in Nusaybin. No details are yet available regarding the ID of those killed.