Turkmen political parties reject Kurdistan regional flag in Kirkuk

Turkmen Front of Iraq Deputy Leader Hasan Turan

Turkmen political parties in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk have come together to express their discontent with the Kirkuk Governorate’s decision to raise the flag of the Kurdistan region alongside the Iraqi federal flag on government buildings.

In a joint statement signed by the Kirkuk Nationalist Turkmen Movement, the Turkmen Front of Iraq, the Turkmen Liberty Party, the Turkmen Decision Party and the Turkmen Justice Party, Kurdish Governor Najmiddin Karim’s decision to raise the Kurdistan region’s flag was deemed ‘unconstitutional’.

“Raising the Kurdistan Regional Government’s flag alongside the Iraqi federal flag on occasion of Nevruz celebrations is definitely unconstitutional. This is a clear attempt at instigating strife between people that have lived together for thousands of years,” the statement read.