Two civilians killed in Turkish air strikes against Kurds in Syria

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Two civilians have been killed in Turkish airstrikes targeting Kurdish People’s Protection Units’ positions in northeastern Syria.

YPG sources speaking to Kom News on condition of anonymity said the civilians killed were in the Voice of Rojava radio station building in Derik’s Karachok area, Hasakah Governorate.

In a statement made on Tuesday in Karachok the YPG said it would confirm the number of casualties in the coming days.

According to reports the Turkish army carried out 26 airstrikes in Karachok and bordering Shingal, targeting groups it says are affiliated to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Five Peshmerga fighters of the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq were also killed in the strikes in Shingal as well as one Yazidi civilian and a Shingal Resistance Units (YBS) member.