‘UK to lift electronics ban on Turkish Airlines flights’: transport minister

Turkey’s Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan has said Ankara expects the United Kingdom to lift the electronics ban on Turkish Airlines flights.

“We are sending a technical team to England today to discuss the electronics ban. We believe England will lift the ban very soon. Our meetings suggest this. However, our meetings with the US could take longer,” Arslan said on CNN Turk.

The US banned electronic devices larger than mobile phones on flights from several Muslim-majority countries, citing ‘terror concerns’.

The UK followed suit shortly afterwards, but the measure has been criticised as being arbitrary and not grounded on any real threat.

Experts have said the ban has more to do with politics and economy than security, citing that flights from the UAE and Qatar are not on the list.

“Some suggest that the ban on UAE and Qatar has more to do with the Trump administration’s desire to curb the power of Middle East carriers, because one of the crazy parts about this ban is that Emirates from Dubai to Athens, and on to the US, is not included in the measures,” Geoffrey Thomas, the editor-in-chief of Airlineratings.com told Al Jazeera.

Turkish Airlines experienced a significant drop in its shares following the ban.