[Updated] Russia-Turkey missile sale, ‘deal not sealed’

The press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia and Turkey have agreed the sale of S-400 anti aircraft missiles.

Turkish President Erdogan had said last week that “being a member of NATO doesn’t mean we are not an independent country. We can be a NATO member and conduct business with Russia too. We do not agree with statements that express anything contrary to this.”

The CEO of Rostec Corporation, Sergey Chemezov, announced that Ankara and Moscow were in negotiations over providing a loan to Turkey to buy Russian missiles, including the Russian army’s anti-aircraft missile system, the S-400.

Turkish Defence Minister Fikri Isik said on Wednesday that “there is progress in meetings with the Russians regarding the sale of the S-400 long ranged air defence systems, but nothing has been signed today. The meetings are continuing.”