US concerned about quality of Turkey’s democracy

Deputy spokesperson for the US State Department Mark Toner told reporters on Thursday that they were “concerned about the quality of Turkey’s democracy.”

In the State Department’s daily press briefing Toner was asked about a UN report that stated proposed changes in Turkey’s constitution would damage the separation of powers in the country. “I’d just say we’re obviously following this issue very closely. As I said the other day, we are concerned about the quality of Turkey’s democracy. These are discussions that we have on a somewhat regular basis with the Turkish Government. Because we’re strong allies and partners, we can have those kinds of conversations,” Toner responded.

“I mean look, we never want to see, in any case, as part of any kind of free and fair electoral process, any kind of limitation on all sides to express their viewpoints peacefully. So again, we’re watching this very closely,” Toner said when asked about limitations in the run-up to the referendum on Sunday.