US delegation headed by Brett McGurk to meet SDF and YPG

US delegation headed by Brett McGurk in a meeting with the Raqqa Civilian Council on 16 May 2017, (ANF)

A US delegation headed by Brett McGurk, the presidential envoy for the anti-IS global coalition, arrived in northern Syria’s Ayn Issa on Tuesday to meet with representatives of the Raqqa Civilian Council.

According to sources at the meeting the US delegation pledged support to the council ahead of an expected operation to storm the Islamic State (IS) held city centre.

The delegation is expected to hold its most important meeting on Wednesday with commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is leading the operation on Raqqa, and Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the leading faction in the SDF.

According to the ANF news agency discussions will centre around the Raqqa operation and recent provision of heavy arms to the YPG.

Political sources have said the visit by US officials from the State Department is a sign that the Trump administration will continue working with the Syrian Kurds and administration in North Syria.