US: We disagree with Turkey on YPG-PKK links

Mark Toner, Deputy Spokesperson of US State Department

Mark Toner, the deputy spokesman for the US State Department, told reporters on Wednesday that the US disagrees with Turkey linking the YPG with the PKK.

Toner also said, talking to reporters in the state department’s daily press briefing, that they have long supported the Kurdish YPG as they have been ‘very effective’ in pushing back the Islamic State group on the battlefield.

“With respect to the YPG, we’ve always long supported the YPG within the context of the SDF, the Syrian Democratic Forces that are operating in northern Syria. I think they’ve liberated some 6,000 kilometres and more than 100 villages from ISIS around Raqqa since the operation began on November 4th.”

Toner then went onto say, “We’re also obviously mindful of Turkey’s concerns with respect to the YPG and we respectfully disagree with them linking the YPG with the PKK. And let’s be very clear that, with respect to the PKK, we still view them as a terrorist organization.”