US focus on anti-Iran Instead of anti-terror ‘frustrating’

U.S. President Donald Trump bids farewell before he and first lady Melania Trump board Air Force One to depart for Israel from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

US President Donald Trump’s promotion of anti-Iran sentiment during his Middle East trip instead of forming a united front against terrorism is lamentable, the chair of the Russian upper house of parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, said Tuesday.

Trump is currently on a visit in Israel, following a short stay in Saudi Arabia, where the US president blamed regional instability on Iran in a speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit.

“It is frustrating that the leader of the United States who, in theory, flew in to the Middle East to create a united front to fight against terrorism, but is, in fact, forming a front to fight Iran. This leads to a dead end,” Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page.

According to the Russian lawmaker, it is impossible to put an end to terrorism without relying on all local forces or promoting inclusiveness.