US lawmakers urge Trump to stop Boeing sales to Iran

US President Donald Trump needs to stop Boeing from selling aircraft to Iran, US Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida wrote in a letter to Trump on Monday.

“We urge you to suspend current and future licenses for aircraft sales to commercial Iranian airlines until your administration conducts a comprehensive review of their role in supporting Iran’s illicit activity… [and] revoke authorizations and re-impose sanctions on Iranian airlines found guilty of such support,” the letter stated.

The lawmakers noted that Boeing recently confirmed an agreement with Iran Aseman Airlines, and both Boeing and Airbus made deals in December to sell hundreds of planes to Iran Air.

There are concerns the airplanes could be used to transport troops, weapons and cash to terrorist groups around the world, including Hezbollah, the letter added.

The lawmakers urged Trump to ban US companies from selling planes to Iran until the country stops using those plans to advance its global terror campaign.