US sends 200 more soldiers to northern Syria’s Manbij

According to a member of the Manbij Military Council (MMC) that spoke to Russian news agency Sputnik, the US has sent an extra 200 soldiers to Manbij together with 50 armoured vehicles.

The MMC official said, “Two weeks ago the US sent soldiers and heavy weapons to Manbij in order to defend it against the attacks of the Turkish army and the FSA factions it is backing. A short while ago they sent an extra 200 soldiers and 50 armoured vehicles because the town is still under attack by these forces. The FSA and Turkey are still attacking villages to the west of the town.”

US soldiers are positioned in the north of Manbij where footage of a US convoy was being shared driving through a neighbourhood on social media last week.

“The USA and coalition forces have told us that they will send more troops to defend the town if necessary,’ the official claimed.