We are against Syria safe zone for Kurdish PYD: Turkmen leader

Emin Bozoglan, Leader of the Turkmen Assembly of Syria

Talking to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) the leader of the Turkish backed Turkmen Assembly of Syria, Emin Bozoglan, has said they are against a safe zone in Syria, which he claims will be formed by the US for the Kurdish Democrat Union Party (PYD).

Bozoglan told AA, “Trump’s statement is not clear. We want the whole of Syria to be a safe zone. If his proposal ensures peace and security for everyone then we will be in favour, but if it will divide the region, if it will give certain groups an autonomy, a space to nestle into a region, then we will be against it.”

“There is a subconscious statement here. We do not know if Trump meant his statement as a continuation of the USA’s existing policies, or if there is a separate intent to his words. We are against the USA’s previous policy of creating a safe zone for the PYD and even they themselves know this cannot happen”, Bozoglan claimed.

Originally a proposal vociferously supported by Ankara, Trump’s recent statement in a television interview on creating safe zones in Syria has been met with concern. While Turkey had previously envisaged a safe zone that they themselves would enforce in northern Syria, Trump’s proposal seems to have Ankara worried that the US is considering a safe zone in the Kurdish-populated regions.

The Kurds, led by the PYD and other organisations and ethnicities making up the Northern Syria Federation, have declared an autonomous administration in the north of the country. Turkey says it will not allow for such an entity to exist along its border.