Web Designing for the Greenhorn

My dad started teaching web design to me when I was a child. I remember learning basic HTML. When I was in college, I took additional classes for web design. It has been many years since I did my first web design for my genealogy information. I am going to discuss what a website should be and what web designers forget. I am also going to discuss the best software’s available to the public.

A website should be cohesive, engaging, contain pertinent information, and user friendly. It should be aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Use color to emphasize that information and do not make the site look like a spam site, then nobody will visit. I do not know how many sites I come across but because they look like a spam site, I refuse to click on anything and they could contain pertinent information but I am unsure. Know who your client is and who is you customer.

Something web designers can forget is they many design their page for the most current web browser but people do not always update their browser or in some cases companies control which browser they use on their computer. They may also display fine in Explorer but not Mozilla. The designer must check multiple browsers and versions. Also, think about web sites being smart phone friendly. Many more people are using smart phones to surf the web. There is also a variety of web users from greenhorn to knowledgeable.

One of the best basic web design software is for Windows called Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer for around $50 is great for beginners without the need to learn any code. Realmac RapidWeaver 4.1.3 for around $80 is basic for Mac users also without learning code. For around $300, Microsoft Expression Web 2 can create unpretentious websites but learn to use all the current internet technology and take the site to its fullest potential. Eversoft First Page 2006 is free but requires learning HTML and lack of ease.

Take web design classes in school to learn the fundamentals and then expand on your own. There is a large market for web designers. Web designers can work from anywhere. I have seen them work from home on an exotic island. Add pictures and videos, expect have the web user play them. It works better than having them play automatically. Some users do not want to watch videos and may just want to read the information.

Another way to learn web design is to observe some of the works of the top web design and development company in Mumbai. They are known to be one of the firms that produce high quality designs for websites of different companies.

Technology is always changing and requires us to keep updated. Additional language to HTML has been created to include CSS and programming language for JavaScript, PHP, ASP.net, and Perl.