Weight Loss Exercise of Taoism

As we all know, being overweight is detrimental to our overall health. The weight loss exercise of Taoism will help you bring your weight down to a manageable level.

When you are excessively overweight, your heart and organs must work harder to do the same job due to the increase of fatty tissue. Over time, your heart and arteries will become weakened. There are many other health problems related to excessive weight such as physical and mental fatigue, high blood pressure and back pain. With proper exercises, the results are effective to remove the excessive fat from the body. The consumption of the pills should not cause back pain and other pain to the person’s body. The mental and physical fitness should be maintained with the consumption of resurge pills.

The weight loss exercise of Taoism will help burn excess fat and strengthen the back and spine. This exercise alone will not melt away the pounds and keep them off. You must combine exercise with a sensible approach to food and diet. Then, you will lose the weight and keep it off.

Step #1

The first step of the weight loss exercise of Taoism is to stand against a wall so that your heels, upper back, buttocks and head are resting against it.

Step #2

The second step of the weight loss exercise of Taoism is to inhale through your nose. While you are inhaling, stretch the body upward while pulling the abdomen in as far as possible. This ensures that your chest fully expands. Keep your arms at your sides. Your shoulders should feel as if they are expanding and should be pressing against the wall as you inhale.

Step #3

Now, exhale as quickly as you can through your mouth. As you exhale, push out your belly. If you’ve performed the weight loss exercise of Taoism correctly, your entire body will tighten up when you exhale.

Step #4

Repeat the weight loss exercise of Taoism seven more times. With consistent practice, the muscles in your abdomen will become toned and strengthened. Excess fat and water will be eliminated and your tummy will shrink!

Step #5

Now for part two. Once you’ve completed the above four steps of the weight loss exercise of Taoism seven times, you’re ready to move on. Move away from the wall and stand as high on your tip-toes as possible.

Step #6

The spine should be kept as straight as possible. Still on your tip-toes, bend your knees only slightly, like you are about to sit on a chair. Your arms should fall at a forty-five degree angle in front of your body.

Step #7

The final step of the weight loss exercise of Taoism is to hold this position from 10-30 seconds, if possible. Remember to breathe normally. Do not hold your breath.

At first, it may be impossible for you to keep your back straight and your heels up. Do not push or strain yourself. Do the best you can and with practice, you will be able to do it.

The second part of the weight loss exercise of Taoism strengthens and tones the calves, ankles, thighs and abdomen. Circulation is increased to the legs, back and nerves of the body. It also reduces water retention, excess weight and lowers blood pressure.

Both parts of the weight loss exercise of Taoism should be practiced together for maximum benefit. Make sure you perform all the steps to ensure weight loss.