Weight Loss with Green Juice and Water

Weight loss with green juice and water is not a fad diet. If you are looking for quick weight loss look elsewhere. If you are looking for a healthy and gradual weight loss consider green juice and water. Green tea is also beneficial for dieting, but, we are talking about green juice. There is a difference.

The green juice I’m referring to is made mostly from green vegetables. Some formulations include forms of green algae and other include grains. I have seen formulation recommending green fruits as well. All of the above mentioned green juice formulations are beneficial to your health. I am talking about green tea from green vegetables.

Green juice provides a wide range essential nutrients that our body needs. Many people feel much more energetic taking green juice. Increased energy levels provides a faster metabolism resulting in weight loss.

Research has cited that smokers can benefit from green juice supplementation as it reduces the risk factor of numerous diseases associated with smokers elevated oxidative states.

What about the water?

For years I have heard the admonition to drink eight glasses of water a day. No one I talked to new why. I will give you a good reason why.

Our body is designed to maintain it self best at a ph of about 7.2. That is what is known as slightly alkaline. Neutral is 7 on the ph scale. It seems that acid conditions ( when our body’s are below 7.2) exist , the acid is stored in fat. If we have excess acid in our bodies, the body will store fat so it can keep the acid in check. That is a simplistic explanation and it is close to what happens.

Water is necessary to carry the acid out of the body and lessen the reason for the body to store fat. Do not mistake liquids for water. The canned drinks,sodas, beer and even the diet drinks result in increased acid in your body and make it difficult to loss weight. In fact many people feel an energy increase just from eliminating the sodas.

Aside from drinking these healthy drinks, you may also want to consider taking dietary supplement like leptoconnect. This is a weight loss supplement specifically created to target the root cause of the stubborn buildup of fat in the body.  

The alkalinity of your body can be determined using litmus paper also known as ph paper. Litmus paper is used in testing laboratories of many descriptions and is used to determine the approximate acidity of a compound. You can test your saliva using it and get an indication if your body is acidic or alkaline. You will not be able to tell if it is exactly 7.2 that way.