Where Women Can Find Wide Shoes for Spring: From Payless to Nordstrom

Comediennes often joke about women and shoes. We love ’em. Buy dozens of ’em. And, tell everyone that our feet are no bigger than a size seven, no matter how untrue it is. However, in reality, finding the right shoe is no laughing matter, especially if your feet are wide.

If you’re a woman with wide feet, finding shoes that flatter and fit can be a special challenge, especially as the weather warms up. It seems that shoe-retailers forget about women with wide feet during the Spring and focus on gals with sleeker ones. Therefore, you have to look a little harder to find the right pair.

So here’s a little help. Below is a list of five places you can find shoes for wide feet that are pretty, economical and ready for wear. I’ve even listed the minimal price range for you in order to save you time.

Payless Shoes.

Surprise. Surprise. Payless Shoe Stores carries wide shoes in a variety of classic slides. Expect to see them in basic colors like black, white and red. They have a few strap-like sandals that also come in wide, but you won’t find too many in the actual store. Your best bet is to order those online at www.Payless.com. (Your price: $14 and up)

The Avenue.

This store hit the scene initially as an alternative to Lane Bryant for plus-sized clothing for women. However, it didn’t take long for them to get into the shoe biz. They created “Cloudwalkers”, a line of cushiony shoe wear for curvy, large women. What’s good? These shoes are stylish and great for office or club attire. Expect to find them in slides and with heels, at least two inches. (Your Price: $30 and up)


This store is another outlet for plus-sized women dabbling in the shoe game. However, they don’t’ carry their own line. You can find their shoe ware online at www.Roamans.com or in their magazine. They tend to feature Spring shoes that range from the classic to the unique in style, but have wide sizes. My favorite? Their fringed wedge sandals and snake sandals. (Your Price: $40 and up)

Just Wide Shoes.

This online store offers up a variety of wide shoes for women (and men). You can buy all of your Spring sandals, slides and even sneakers from them. The only catch is that some of their items for sale are the ones your grandmother likes to wear. So, if you are into “style” more than comfort, you might be disappointed. (Your Price: $65 and up)


This high-end department store is not to be out-done in the Spring supply of wide-shoes. They offer the most unique variety of sandals for women with their own special style who are willing to spare a few dollars. You can either go into their store or order online. Online will have the widest selection. Their shoes are designer and come in slides, straps, wedges, flats, heels, etc. They also have a wide range of colors. (Your Prices: $80 and up)