Why We Fail To Lose Fat

Guys, there are so many reasons to know More about the author that you are failing day by day to lose fat. Sometimes you can’t see but those reasons are stopping you from achieving your goal. In the gym, there are so many people who want to lose fat. So many people struggling to lose fat but a bunch of guys can achieve their goals. Even though others work hard but got no results. Because they are not following reasons to get ripped.some guys have hard habits which they never changed while doing fat loss plans.

So we talk here about top reasons why we fail to lose fat. There are main and common reasons which we never think or care about it.


We all know mostly fat guys are lazy to do any type of work. Sometimes we miss or skip the day to workout. This is the worse thing to do who wants to lose fat.without workout it is not possible to lose weight. If we are set a goal to lose weight we have to go minimum 5 days in a week if we not then how to suppose to burn calories which they help to lose fat. The workout is very necessary to lose some weight.

Hard work at the gym is going to change your body. Daily workout helps you to burn calories metabolism which means you decreasing fat or increasing muscle mass it keep you away from diseases which guys have due to fat.if you skip exercise or day in the gym you are 4 days back where you have been.

Do exercises daily which you plan and have a nice body and proud yourself, here is lose fat workout which you helps a lot.


Some guys are not strict on their diets while dieting for weight loss.and the nutrition is the biggest reason for maintaining the body. Which we give our body then body response pretty like that. There are guys who want weight loss but not focus on their diets. Guys cheat their own meals which we cheat our body myself. Fat guys love sugar and sugar are the main reason to gain fat. They have no control to sugar and add their sugar on their own meals. Sugar is the enemy of fat and sometimes we consume like cake, cookies, fast food, full chicken.

If we are cheating in meals then no matter how hard work you do in the gym. You never get results yeh we can cheat but once in a week especially while a fat loss. Because cheat meals boost your metabolism and metabolism is a way to burn fat and gain mass.

So If you cheat in the meals every meal than you cheat yourself nobody lost anything it’s all about you what you want or what you not and that’s one of the main reason why we fail to lose fat.


Mostly guys have too much fat on the stomach than another part of the body. Mostly, people they consume much alcohol than they recommend. Alcohol is the enemy of fat. When we take an alcohol our metabolism works to break down the alcohol.then metabolism is busy to breakdown and has no time to include fat to energy. Alcoholic have 7 calories per gram but no nutrition. So why don’t we spend money to other healthy and good calories.

If you are a daily drinker then please drink smartly do not drink more than you recommended by a doctor or your trainer. Make a smart choice and drink light beer or not more than 2 shots for men and 1 shot for women.


There is too much bro science out there do this do that blah blah blah. Never listen this kind of talk.when you listen to this you are lost your way or focus on your plan which you working on it. You believe in shit like that for a long time and waste your own time and money for nothing, you have you go away from puppets and focus on good diet and workout which your trainer or doctor make recommended for you.

Never follow a crowd and never believe on everybody because there are uneducated men around there who always try to put you down.


Guys, I want to tell you something losing weight is not joking if you are not doing seriously you will never get a result and this fat losing purpose may be taking a long time like 6 to 12 months if you doing seriously. We do work for 2 months and having not lot of result and sometimes we give up or watching for other plans or programs and the first one is we leave because we thought may this does not work for me. Fat losing goal want a time to lose weight.

Because fat is not going easily.but we can make easily due to give time make hard work and strict on diet. So guys are patience till you not achieving your goal and love yourself.

Just because something is said to be “natural” doesn’t mean it is safe or good for you. It could have side effects. It might make a medicine your doctor prescribed for you either weaker or stronger. It could also be harmful to you if you have certain medical conditions.