Win the battle: The Best Decks to use in Clash Royale to

There are many ways on how you can easily advance in the game, one of those is through the use of decks. In this article, we will go through the 4 best decks that you can use in the game. These decks will help you get 20 wins in the league challenge.

Log Bait Deck

One of the best decks that you can use when playing Clash Royale is the Log Bait Deck. If you are aiming to get 20 wins in the game, then this deck is the best option for you. Always keep in mind that Zap doesn’t have the ability to kill goblins during tournaments. Hence, the goblin barrel and the goblin gang should be logged down. For you to better understand this deck, you need to learn its most important part which is the inferno tower. This will help you kill many goblins and PEKKA decks.

PEKKA Zappies Deck

As of the moment, PEKKA Zappies Deck is considered as the meta. Any players have tried all they can but they can’t just beat this deck even if they use flying machine and zappies. If you want to strategically challenge the defensive card of your opponent, you should combine royal ghost and PEKKA. Using this deck, you will be able to have tanky units so nothing in the game can bring you down. As a good and effective strategy, you should make your play a defensive one so when the final minute is about to come, you can just throw everything together for one insane beatdown push.

PEKKA Dark Prince Deck

Another deck that is considered to be one of the best in the games is the PEKKA Dark Prince Deck. By using this amazing deck, you will be able to impose lot of damage onto the tower of your opponent giving you more chances of winning the game. To further the damage to the enemy, make sure to use tornado and poison spell or add executioner as your support or pull troops away from your PEKKA. 

X-Bow Cycle Deck

X-Bow Cycle Deck is another cool deck that you can use for the Clash Royale League Challenge. The main purpose of this game is to lock the x-box back into the tower of your opponent. So to fully and effectively utilize this deck, you should use ice spirit, archers, ice golem in order to protect your x-box from any damage or harm. Another best thing about this deck is that you can pair this with tesla as a versatile defense.  Using this kind of defense will surely help you get 20 wins in the game helping you to advance quickly.

Overall, using these 4 decks will help you easily advance in the game towards the league challenge. But as a player, you need to fully utilize these decks and make sure that you know and understand how to pair them effectively to other items in the game.