Windows Network- Protecting Data

It has to be admitted that technological advances have become sort of a norm since the past few decades where it can be seen that manual labor has gone into a sharp decline what with gadgets and machinery slowly but surely taking over human beings in a big way.

This phenomenon was unheard of until a few years back because the 21st century has seen a technological revolution that far exceeds that of the ones that we came across in the 1980s when internet stormed into our computers.

Nowadays, watching a 3 hour long movie on your mobile phone has become a practice that almost everyone diligently follows where even elderly folk, for whom having a transistor and television at home was considered luxury, have taken to it like fish to water.

Cyber Security

Data breach is one of the biggest problems that cyber world is facing today thereby making it important for us to keep our systems in check, which brings us to the topic of Windows Network and how it has become vulnerable to data breach by potential hackers.

Now hackers have been a massive headache ever since confidential data has acquired a digital medium because many cyber experts are misusing their knowledge in order to cheat innocent people of money.

To understand the situation, it is important to mention Colonial Pipeline, which is the system for refining oil products that consists of two tubes with more than 6000 miles length that carries nearly 3 to 4 million barrels of fuel supply per day from Texas to New York.

The Georgia based Colonial Pipeline system began way back in 1961 that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Colonial Pipeline Company that has its entire system across entire North America.

A couple of days back it fell victim to cyber attack that was connected to ransom ware, which is a dangerous malware that cyber users have to be wary about because it has the power to encrypt files of any system through which they can siphon off confidential information and sell them to enemy countries.

So you can see how dangerous the process can be due to which we have to undertake drastic measures to protect important data stored in our system and it can be done through the following points.

Note Down

  1. The first step is to go to the Active Directory and search for the old devices and accounts where you have stored passwords and important info and start moving them towards a different location in the system because it was given in the news report that the Colonial Pipeline was hacked due to an old VPN account that made it outdated and susceptible to hackers
  2. The password was located through dark web when in fact hackers use phishing to bring out confidential data in such situations, which means that in this particular situation, one of the employees of Colonial Pipeline turned traitor and leaked private information about his company to rivals that made the job much easier for them
  3. VPN factor did not have an authentication key therefore it is your duty to upgrade your network to new passwords to prevent it from happening to your system is a relevant website that will tell you more about VPN connections that will help you gauge the situation better