WWE New Years Revolution PPV Predictions

New Years Revolution is the first pay-per view of the year. It doesn’t have the Elimination Chamber, but what it does have is alot of competitive matches. Viewers have great things to look forward to in this Raw brand event.

Here is how I predict the outcomes of the matches announced thus far.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters

Masters really hasn’t done much to ruffle the feathers of Carlito. Matter of fact Masters hasn’t done anything. Creative really needs to step it up and get Masters over somehow. I don’t think he has a bad gimmick or look, he even has decent Mic skills, they just to find someway to make him work with the crowd. Feuding him with Carlito was a good idea on paper, but they may have to go with a bigger name to get Masters up there. Or my idea below could work.


Masters defeats Carlito when Torrie gives him a low blow, Masters then hooks on the MasterLock, Carlito is out. Masters now has a valet.

Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra

I am going on record and saying Flair will have one last World title run by the end of the year. This match plays into that. After the vicious attack from Rated-RKO on RAW this week Flair is in no shape to compete. However he will make it to the ring already battered, and ripe for the pickings for Mr. Dykstra.


Dykstra defeats Flair with the top rope leg-drop. A possible run it from Rated-RKO, but I highly doubt it. Flair will be on the shelf until Wrestlemania.

Womens Championship

Mickie James vs. Victoria

This one has the potential to be THE womens feud in the WWE. Victoria has crossed all the names off her list, added one with the attack on Lillian Garcia, now she gets ready to cross that last name of the list. I don’t think Mickie is having that. This will carry on past this PPV with Victoria eventually winning the title on RAW, that will setup the rematch at Wrestlemania.


James wins with the MickKick, leaving Victoria more than pissed.

Intercontinental Championship

Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro

I’m up in arms on this one but I will make a decision. Expect to see quite a few sick spots in this one as Hardy will be sore the rest of the week. This will be the match that really pushes Nitro up the ladder.


Nitro becomes the new Intercontinental Champion when Hardy misses the Swanton from the top of the cage.

DX vs. Rated-RKO

The payoff. Flair was torn to shreds, making this one personal. Rated-RKO gave Triple H and HBK a big taste of pain as well. Personally I would like to implement the New Age Outlaws into this somehow as it would be a surprise, that will not happen though.

Prediction: DX defeats Rated-RKO

WWE World Championship

John Cena vs. Umaga

I didn’t think Umaga vs. Cena would be a worthy World Title match, but Umaga has done enough to get himself over as the monster heel, making this a legit title match. Cena is the champ and will stay that way for quite a long time, tonight is the night Umaga’s undefeated streak ends. And it took the World Champ to end it.

Prediction: Cena defeats Umaga

I’m throwing this out there, after the match I wouldnt be surprised to see Sonny Siaki and Eric Perez join in a Cena beatdown with Umaga.

Overall the fans will go home happy with this PPV. Nothing great, but nothing horrendous as well.