Yoga: Which Downward Dog Fits You?

Many assume that yoga is an exercise for Buddhists, soccer-moms, and those of us trying to become as limber as a gymnast. Runners, lifters, and Cross-Fitters may scoff at yoga as a poor workout but the health benefits of this form of exercise offers more than most assume. Remember Madonna’s fabulous arms? She is the epitome of what yoga can do for one’s fitness.

The practice of yoga has been around for eons. No matter when manipulating one’s body had begun, it provides mental and physical well-being and is said to be a path to spiritual enlightenment. The focus is to gain strength, dexterity, and peace within oneself. There are many types of yoga that fit personalities, body types, and lifestyles.

Hatha yoga

This type of yoga is central to what is taught in most classes. Most associate this with “downward dog” jokes and yoga mats. Actually, the practice of Hatha yoga has a long history and for beginners this is the key to a path of a not only a better physique, but a better mental state overall.

Restorative yoga

Relaxation and exercise don’t seem to belong in the same sentence but this time it does. Instructors impart how to not only breathe but breathe during relaxing poses. Many who partake in intense jobs are fans of this type of yoga because it is very soothing and helps one relax from their stressful day. It contains very slow and steady movements with the help of “props” to minimize wear and tear on the body.

Bikram yoga

Also referred to as “hot yoga”, Bikram is a relatively new method that involves a heated room in which the attendee will sweat immensely during a workout. Sweating is essential to releasing toxins from the body and combined with moving the body in certain poses, gives one a heavier workout that most would assume.

Vinyasa yoga

Practitioners of this form of yoga adhere to fluidity and frequent motion. Poses are always interchanging and attending a session ensures that one will have a cardiovascular workout as well as lengthening and stretching the body, which is the most important part of yoga. Vinyasa is perfect for those want a blend of cardio and strengthening, as well as something that is fast-paced.

Engaging in any new exercise plan requires a visit to the doctor to make sure you are ready to get your burn on. You can also visit imp source for additional helpful information about the proper ways of engaging your dog in healthy exercises. This will help you to be educated on how to promote the healthiness of your pet. After that it’s time to buy some fancy yoga clothes and mat. Many aren’t aware that the discipline of yoga offers diverse options that suit many of us regardless of health, age, or ability. There are yoga studios in so many parts of the world that it’s hard to not get fit and healthy.