Youth on death row on the rise in Iran

A demonstration against death penalty

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) once more raised concerns about the rising number of executions and oppression against young Iranians.

According to NCRI sources, many prisoners were executed or killed while hundreds more were arrested or mistreated during the past months.

Several prisoners were hanged, 12 of them in a mass execution taking place at the Gohardasht Prison in Tehran in February. Public executions in the cities of Bandar Abbas and Mashha were also mentioned in the report.

NCRI highlighted that the United Nations reported 160 cases of young Iranian offenders in danger of capital punishment, and that Amnesty International is waging a campain against the probable execution of juvenile prisoner Hamid Ahmadi.

According to the NCRI, there are hundreds of cases similar to that of an incident in 2006 when 30 students were sentenced to 99 lashes after having attended a mixed-gender graduation party.
Flog sentences and mass executions in Iran have been heavily criticised. Commentators claim Iranian authorities target youth gatherings in order to pre-empt anti-government protests such as those of 2009.

The NCRI, founded in Tehran in 1981, claims to be a broad coalition of democratic Iranian organizations struggling to abolish death penalty in Iran. The NCRI is regarded as a terrorist organization by Iran.