YPG: We may head to Idlib to fight against terrorists

YPG Commander Sipan Hemo

Kurdish YPG may head to Idlib after the liberation of Raqqa “to fight against the terrorists”, general commander Sipan Hemo told Kom News on Wednesday.

“We are committed to eradicating the terrorist threat in every part of Syria,” Hemo said, “and if need be, we are prepared to go to Idlib to support the fight against the terrorists in the city.”

Speaking to the pan-Arabian daily Al-Hayat on Tuesday, the YPG commander gave information about the Raqqa operation and said that the Syrian Democratic Forces had paused operations for several hours around the Tabqah dam so that engineers could do necessary work on the structure to ensure that it was not in danger of collapsing.

Hemo also told the newspaper that the military airbase in Tabqah was completely under the control of the SDF and that the airport would be used as a base for the offensive against the city of Raqqa, set to begin in early April.

The YPG is coordinating with Russia in the Kurdish-controlled north-western Afrin canton. Hemo said that they will coordinate with both the USA and Russia until the terrorists were defeated in all of Syria adding that “a fair solution to the Kurdish question in Syria can only come about with the implementation of a federative structure.”